Hydrogen dental toothbrush sterilizer

It’s a portable type,anywhere use for you and your family prevent from cavity (mutans),gum disease

Model GR-1300
Power Supply DC 24V 2.0A
Weight 2.2kg
Dimension 410x140x305(mm)

※The appearance, specification, and function may change to improve the quality of the product without prior notice.

The effect of Hydrogen Water Gargle Toothbrush Sterilizer

  • 99.9% sterilized harmful bacteria in your mouth only by tap water without additive
  • Prevention flu and infection by gargle with it
  • Removal bad breath and dental plaque
  • Use it instead of brush patient teeth
  • Drinkable! Be harmless to humans
  • Easily brush your child teeth

Various ways of Hydrogen Dental Toothbrush Sterilizer

Tooth brush sterilization and oral cleaning

Leave it soak your toothbrush in hydrogen water to remove bacteria that breed on the toothbrush you can gargle with hydrogen water after brushing oral bacteria sterilization, remove bad breath and it is effective in prevention of gum disease.