Hydrogen Body SPA

Hydrogen shower with its device has patent technology for more clean and remove dandruff and Scalp care

Model GE-4000
Power Supply DC 24V 4.16A
Power consumption 96W
Weight 2.5kg
Dimension 285 X 105 x 395(mm)

※The appearance, specification, and function may change to improve the quality of the product without prior notice.

Features of Body SPA

Hydrogen water shower SPA with 1 touch

Display window by patent

Audio guidance support

Filter change
Apply precipitation filter

Microfine bubble shower

High density electrolyzer
Patent technology
  • Elastic hair without dandruff
  • Reinforcement a skin moisturizing, micro-fine bubble cleansing and improve skin trouble

New high technology shower SPA apply a hydrogen water by global patent

Certificate of authentication(Korea, United States, China, Japan, etc)

Principle of shower bubble moisturizing effect

The hydrogen water of 5nano(0.005μ mol) is much smaller than skin pore(25μ), it is good at penetration to the body, eliminate various waste from the body and sterilize harmful virus.
There are very effective to moisturizing and skin soothing because of direct penetration to the skin through nano particle.