Hydrogen Mist M

it’s portable,Anywhere and Anytime

Model GE-2000M
Power Supply DC 4.5V (1.5 AAA X 3)
Power Consumption 30ml
Weight 80g
Dimension 160 X 30(mm)

※The appearance, specification and function may change to improve the quality of the product without prior notice.

Features of hydrogen mist M

  • Cleansing waste in pore skin
  • Skin moisturizing function
  • Pore tightening action
  • Removal a sebum and black head
  • Improve a skin tone by dead skin cell removal
  • 99% sterilized a candida albicans cause for skin trouble
  • AAA battery 3EA

Hydrogen Mist M

for the protection of skin!
bubbles with ultrafine particles and natural surfacants sterilizes the dirt lodged deep in the pores and lets moisture remain in pores for long periods of time for superior improvement of skin diseases while keeping skin soft.


Principle of bubble moisturizing of hydrogen mist M

The hydrogen water of 5nano(0.005μ mol) is much smaller than skin pore(25μ), it is good at penetration to the body, eliminate various waste from the body and sterilize harmful virus.
There are very effective to moisturizing and skin soothing because of direct penetration to the skin through nano particle.

How to use

Portable tooth sterilizing device

99% sterilized a Streptococcus mutans, 99% sterilized streptococcus Sanguinis
Remove of bacteria and bad breath with gargle

Clean and sterilization a baby product, feeding bottle and toys

For our children please spray it
No boil, unheated and environmental hormone

Sterilizing clean in your bathroom

Inconvenient and dirty bathroom
Perfect sterilized of 650 species with easily spray it in a bathroom

Useful of bacteria a hand, foot even athlete’s foot

Perfect protect you from outside environment

Sterilizing Keyboard and office goods etc.

You know, hundreds of millions bacteria lives in every office furniture
Remove of bacteria be harmful to human bodies with spray it

Curtain, sofa and bedclothes etc.

Keep safety to hydrogen water not synthetic detergent in home fabrics such as curtain, sofa and duvet

Removal a pesticide residue a vegetable and fruit

Vegetable and fruit may pesticide residue even cleaned
It’s very safe even eat it.

Grow flowers

Useful of plant instead of pesticide

Animal care

Spray it your pet
Keep you and your family even pets through removes harmful bacteria and bad smell