SOOVON Hydrogen Water Generator

Save your body with hydrogen healing water

Model Hydrogen Water Generator (GS-3000W)
Power supply / Power consumption DC24V 2.5A / 48W
Flood 1,000㎖/min
Temperature 5 ~ 35℃
Process 4 Step Filteration
Dimension / Weight 385 x 278 x 358 (㎜) / 5.1㎏
Dissolved Hydrogen Density (DH) 800 ~ 1,200ppb
ORP -600 ~ -800㎷

※ It may changed without prior notice for upgrade the quality on surface, standard and functional.


100% maintain a mineral

4 step filter

Functional active oxygen removal

dissolved hydrogen 800~1,200ppb

Creation a hydrogen water

100% Remove a residual chlorine

99.9% Block bacteria

Changed from active oxygen to water in human bodies

compact design
display window registered by patent

700~1,200ppb by sixfold platinum electrode
Alkalescence / High density hydrogen water

Sterilization, functional faucet of pesticide removal

Automatic electrode cleansing
Blue LED lighting

4 Step filter system

Alarm change

Hydrogen Water Generator

Tap or bottled water are more high acidity than body fluids in general. Cause of excessive active oxygen(ORP +700 or more) are bad eating habits or stress. It causes various diseases.
SOOVON Plasma Hydrogen Water is a healthy water(ORP -600 ~ -800), which can reduce an active oxygen and maintain a healthy body. We often call as a miracle water, such as Lourdes spring water in France, Nordenau water in Germany. The restoration power of SOOVON is far superior than these miracle water. 5 nano cluster size of SOOVON hydrogen water.
Silky drinking because its size is smaller than any water, Fast body absorption through strong penetration power.

Lourdes water Hydro Hydrogen Water
Dissolved Hydrogen Under 400ppb 1,200 ~ 1,600ppb
ORP Under -300 -600 ~ -800
Cluster size Small Small
Anti-oxidizing High High

Comparison of the hydrogen water with the lourdes miracle water

Item ORP
Active Oxygen Over 700
Tap water +500 ~ +700
Bottled water +250 ~ +400
Mineral water, Deep sea water +100 ~ +250
Body fluid (healthy adult) +100 ~ -100
Body fluid (new born baby) -100 ~ -300
Miracle water Under -300
Hydro Hydrogen water -600 ~ -800

The Principle of Removing Active Oxygen by Hydrogen Water

The 90% of Human diseases are caused by excessive active oxygen. If not removing active oxygen in human body, it causes inflammation in body and fast aging.
In order to remove active oxygen, although people try to eat nutritional supplements, such as vitamin C or various fruits, as anti-oxidant food, but they can’t. There are some reasons with big time/cost burden as below, ① some have side effect ② it’s hard to daily eating ③ sometimes it’s expensive.

The Antioxidant Effect for drinking 2L Hydrogen Water

(Beta-carotene standard)









High-density plasma hydrogen water from 1,200 to 1,600 ppb is rich in minerals and maintain neutral and weakly alkaline. Therefore, no side effect in daily drinking hydrogen water unlike alkaline ionic water. Remove active oxygen only with 1 or 2 cup’s strong healthy water. Not only it activates skin elasticity and body cells, but also heal inflammation. It is the most suitable water for modern people with complex stress.

How to Use

The hydrogen water – high density of 550ppb has better internal resorption 176 times in anti-oxidant. Modern people with chronic stress has common wish, that is healthy life without tiredness. The answer is hydrogen water, try to drink a cup of healing water instead of strong medicine. The 5 nano cluster size of plasma hydrogen water is smaller than skin pore particles. It shows super cleaning and moisturizing effect. Besides, let’s make freshness highest with using hydrogen water when you in cook.